TDI “Off the Shelf” Hardware edition

Reference page for the hardware build of the Diana Initiative 2020 Diy blinky project

Sparkle Invader

A 1978 video game character make with 1978 tech.

Nerdy Emoji (kit)

The prize for solving the 1 of 100 badge challenge at the 2019 Diana Initiative

D3vnull42 memorial badge

Lonely Hackers Club Badge
TDI “Off the Shelf” grab and go code

Code for the project, it will spell out a name in binary

Pod Peeps

A custom job for a buddy’s Warhammer 40k set.

Blue Team Village SAO

A shitty add-on that I designed.

TDI 2019 Gem Badge

A diY project for the 2019 Diana Initiative soldering village.

I ❤ Sao’s and Diana Initiative 2019 scholarship winner SAO