TDI “Off the Shelf” Hardware Edition

Here it is, in its blinky glory . So here’s the story, pandemic aside, I actually built one of these @ defcon 23. Disappointed in the record badge, Thursday night I went to my room and built a version not so different from this one. So when TDI went virtual, I figured I’d take a one-off badge “Off the Shelf”

This is not a comprehensive set of instructions for assembling this, but rather a set of quick reference charts.

Build notes and BOM in a handy chart
Item QTYLocation
PCB solderable breadboard1base
Resistors 220 Ohm 7all to – rail 
J – 4, 8, 12, 16, 20,  24, 28
LEDs7LED’s Blue H3,4 H7,8
LES’s Green H11,12 H15,16
LED’s Yellow H19,20 H23,24
LED’s Red H27,28
Arduino Nano (clones are fine) 1NANO 
C1-15 and G1-15 

Button 1 D20 & 22 and F20 & 22 
10K Ohm resistor 110k -Rail & B22
wiring chart
Part Connection Note
Blue LED
var blue01
F3 – I5should line up with pin D8 on the arduino
Blue LED
var blue02
F7 – I6should line up with pin D7 on the arduino
Green LED
var green01
F11 -I7should line up with pin D6 on the arduino
Green LED
var green02
F15 – I8should line up with pin D5 on the arduino
Yellow LED
var yellow01
F19- I9should line up with pin D4 on the arduino
Yellow LED
var yellow02
F23 – I10should line up with pin D3 on the arduino
var red01
F27 – I11should line up with pin D2 on the arduino
board power B12 – +Railshould line up with pin 5V on the arduino
board powerB14 – -Railshould line up with pin GND on the arduino
Button 1B20 & +Rail 
Provides current so the button can be read
Button 2 H22 – H3should line up with pin D9 on the arduino